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Defense Information Systems Agency
The DISA Global Operations Command is a two story 165,000 square foot facility at Scott AFB. The building, which houses the Defense Information Systems Agency, is fed by redundant 15kv feeders to two 3000kva transformers. Backing up power to the building are two 2000kva generators with paralleling switchgear and two 800kw uninterruptable power supplies. A state of the art GPON fiber optic system serves as the communication method throughout the facility, with a redundant fiber optic feed into the building. Access control, intrusion detection, CCTV, fire alarm, lightning protection and counterpoise grounding, and occupancy lighting control are some of the systems installed as well. Upon completion, the total cost of the project was $14.5 million.

Metro East Forensics Laboratory
The forensics laboratory is a three story 66,000 square feet facility that will be occupied by the Illinois State Police. Included in the project are a 3000 amp 277/480 volt service, three 700kw backup generators with paralleling switchgear to serve the entire building, 200kva uninterruptable power supply, access control/intrusion detection/CCTV systems, fire alarm, cable tray for low voltage systems, prewired surface raceway, lightning protection, and occupancy/daylighting lighting controls. The project was successfully completed at a cost of $4.3 million.

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) - Science Complex
The Science complex consists of a new four-story, state-of-the-art science facility. The 138,559 square foot building includes wet labs for teaching and research, offices for faculty and graduate researchers, general support services, and student study spaces. The complex also exhibits several LEED features such as non-heat absorbing roofing materials, low water use plumbing fixtures, solar panels on the roof, lighting and air conditioning occupancy sensors, and active teaching displays showing the building's energy consumption. Other completed projects for SIUE include the dormitory Evergreen Hall, modifications to the National Corn to Ethanol Research Plant located at University Park, and renovation work in the Vadalabene Center.

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) - Evergreen Hall
Evergreen Hall at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, Illinois is a three-story, apartment style dormitory capable of housing over 500 students. The building consists of 1,2,3, and 4 bedroom apartments with the larger units containing a fully furnished kitchen and living room. The project consisted of site, general power, and lighting as well as specialty systems of fire alarm, CCTV, CATV, and phone/data installations. The project was successfully completed at a cost of $3.5M.

McKendree University - Electric Car Charger
An electric vehicle (EV) charging station provides power to charge the batteries of a electric and hybrid vehicles. As ownership of these types of vehicles is expanding, there is an increasing demand for publicly accessible charging stations. Public stations can supply charging for a fee (just as if you were buying gasoline), but in most cases, charging is free. Pyramid has experience installing EV stations for both local universities and residential clients.

McKendree University - Dorm and Dining Hall
McKendree University requested a new 75,000 square foot facility to house approximately 200 students. Named New Residence Hall East, the facility consists of two separate three-story residence wings, connected by a two-story bridge with floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Social functions can be hosted in the bridge's open floor-plan design. The first floor of the bridge also houses a lounge and fitness center for residents. Pyramid also assisted in the remodel of the Ames Dining Facility. This project consisted of electrical upgrades to replace panels and provide power for all new kitchen equipment as well as new lighting. Other trades upgraded HVAC systems and finishes to brighten the appeal of the facility.

Lindenwood University
Electrical work at Lindenwood University started with the relocation of the Belleville Township High School Administration District 201 Office to another area on campus. Other projects for Lindenwood include complete renovation of the Library Building including smart classrooms, HVAC upgrades to the Auditorium Building, fire alarm upgrades for the entire campus, renovation of the second floor science labs/classrooms in the Main Building, installation of security cameras throughout the campus, and exterior lighting at several parking lots.

Simmons Law Firm
Simmons Attorneys at Law dreamed of uniting all branches of the firm under one roof. The firm's nearly 120 employees now occupy a six-story, eco-friendly building that is pending LEED certification. An old, previously used building in historic Alton, IL was purchased and refurbished starting in July 2009. The approximately 70,000 square foot building now houses 70 offices, 130 workspaces, six meeting rooms, and one auditorium. The building has a number of eco-friendly features such as energy efficient glass panels, a green roof, and an energy-efficient HVAC system and lighting.

St. Francis Hospital
The Surgery and Emergency Department of St. Francis Hopsital in Litchfield, IL required an expansion and renovation. The project included build-out of new OR suites, PACU, and ASU patient rooms, as well as endoscopy, nurse stations, office areas, and waiting rooms. Pyramid installed new 15KV medium voltage distribution to serve the new space. The scope of work performed also included paralleling two emergency power generators and a multitude of low voltage systems per the Illinois Department of Health Standards. 

Belleville Memorial Hospital
Pyramid has completed multiple projects at Belleville Memorial Hospital regarding all aspects of the hospitals operations. Most recently, projects have included OR renovation, PACU and endoscopy relocation, and a $1.2M renovation of the Emergency Department.

National Great Rivers
Located in Alton, Illinois, this station is near the merging point of the the Mississippi, Missouri, and Illinois rivers. Designed by AAIC, Inc., the 30,000 square foot structure functions as a laboratory for studying the rivers as well as an educational facility for the public. The project is a model of green construction with the intent of obtaining gold level LEED certification. The use of natural daylight will be maximized with a skylight system known as solartubes. Electricity will be generated by a hybrid system composed of wind turbines and hydro-kinetic turbines powered by the river current. The system is the first to be used in the United States.

National Personnel Records Center
The National Personnel Records Center for the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) consisted of 30,000 square foot of office and over 400,000 square foot of storage facility. The building was a unique design-build project located underground in a cave in Valmeyer, IL. The project included occupancy control of all lighting, generator back-up power to the complete electrical system, and fire alarm and intrusion detection systems per government standards.

Bowman Pump Station
The Bowman Avenue Pump Station for the Illinois Department of Transportation underwent a $1.9M electrical rehabilitation. This project consisted of a new Electrical/Generator Building to feed the existing Pump Station. It also consisted of a new emergency generator with two utility feeds and automated switchgear to balance the power requirements from both utility feeds and coordinate with the emergency generator system. The pump station is fed from twenty-seven deepwells that are located throughout the I-55/70 and I-64 tri-level complex and failure of the pump station leads to flooding and shutting down the interstate system at this location.

Scott Air Force Base
Approximately 20 miles east of St. Louis (in Illinois), Scott Air Force Base is an integral part of the nation's defense. With its two Air Force Commands and 13,000 employees, the base is continually expanding. Among other projects, Pyramid was chosen to complete the electrical work in four dormitories, an officer's dining hall, multiple warehouses, complete renovations to numerous other facilites, and a complete electrical installation to the temporary 66,000 square foot SDDC facility.

Pyramid also completed an 180,000 square foot state-of-the-art BRAC ADAL TRANSCOM facility for Scott Air Force Base. The goal of this design-build project was to build a three-story builidng directly connected to the headquarters' building by a sky bridge. The project focused on energy conservation and earned a Silver Building LEED Certification from its use of light controls, motion sensors, and recycled materials. The TRANSCOM building now services more than 1,100 government employees. Upon completion, the total electrical/communications/systems cost was in excess of $23M.

Valmeyer School
The new city of Valmeyer, IL is being built three miles uphill from where the original city was washed away during a devastating flood in 1993. Pyramid is playing a major role in the rebuilding of this city, beginning with a new state-of-the-art K-12 school. The entire city project is expected to last for several years.

The St. Clair County MetroLink Extension Project is an eight-mile expansion of the Metro East Light Rail System. This project includes the addition of eight station finishes where passengers may park and board the light rail trains. The project involves pre-fabrication and installation of communication buildings at each station for the transmission of power and data up and down the rail system. Also included is the power, lighting and special systems for the passenger platform boarding areas. Over 300 parking lot light standards are being installed across the eight stations. The total electrical budget for the project is $1.8M

Martin Luther King Bridge
The MLK Bridge spans the Mississippi River, connecting St. Louis, MO with East St. Louis, IL. The age and condition of the bridge necessitated the removal and reinstallation of communications duct banks and the relocation of fiber optic cable, all without a break in service. A second project included upgrading the navigational lighting system in accordance with Coast Guard standards. Pyramid successfully completed this challenging project.